How the idea was born

Working in a luxury real estate office in the heart of Brickell. One slow summer afternoon I sat at my desk with a colleague we chatted about what we both commonly shared a passion for, FASHION of course! We began browsing the internet and comparing our latest shoe obsessions when we came across a high end online boutique. We browsed through the endless pages of mouthwatering, eye sparkling couture when we stopped at this jaw dropping dress. It was a long luxurious chiffon finished long sleeved maxi with feminine cutout along the back. It was a dream. We clicked on the dress to view more images when suddenly out hearts sunk to our stomach. It felt like the day my first love broke up with me. The price tag was more than a two bedroom NY rental and a Mercedes car note combined. Let’s be honest, Carrie Bradshaw just isn’t real life! We were crushed! We looked at each other and started daydreaming up ideas of ways we can get our hands on such amazing merchandise without paying the price of our first born. And the we had it! We thought okay, so in real estate, a business we both know, you can rent a property… but that’s been done. Rent the runway, we know… but how can it be different? Then we thought, of course, Disney! Time Shares?! How can we figure out a way to gather up a handful of our girl friends to split the costs of a dress and time share it? Cleaned closet and start selling their unworn pricy couture garments. Now incorporate all the business lingo, we present to you: Rent Your Couture welcome to the ECO-AGE it’s easier than you think to become a conscious consumer, join the sustainable fashion movement TODAY.